terça-feira, 21 de maio de 2024

Broad Band

As I scroll the platforms' pages out there searching, I see how vain and useless it is most bits people upload to share. Because it is really a turned off world using them, making them a zombieland where everyone's motivation is buying any "thing" but Truth. More recently have been launched those for Iris to share what she has learned in her high school and college days, need no "man" and depend on nobody, since now she can get from "men" not only the "pleasure" but also the "wealth" she wants. It's the same old rocket of prostitution, the same evil trip to the shallow space. But given that now you have lots of highly "successful" music in the world talking about how "cool" it is to do it for free, people are "questioning" why would it be wrong to have "fun" and make money at the same time.

The evolution of computers and the internet allow those who are tuned in to the broad way frequency to accelerate the nerdmobile and consume every "thing" in larger quantities than any super "social" individual would ever be able in the past. When Bill Gates had this vision of seeing the whole world using computers, he was having a thought similar to greek philoshophy, where you develop a reasoning without knowing exactly how that could be useful. So here we are, possessing this tool and knowing that it's up to us to find a purpose for it. Still, most people are so used to vanity, that for them it is enough if the machine can be used to get them all the "things" they want. It's a new thing, nonetheless "man" remains the same under the sun, pursuing "success" and asking no real question.