quarta-feira, 22 de maio de 2024


The stalker said, "I just want to talk, I'll even move cities. But you're going to be a man, because you promised me heaven and the world".

Then he is never going to be a man, because he is double minded.

I think now she's going to spend some time in a little jail inside the big jail for wanting no Place to be in and talk about. Yeah, people are only scared of wicked relationships when the other side, part in it shows more clearly the obsessive empty character of the false colors and it gets obviously, undeniably dark. In the meantime, every other "normal" individual they're meeting along the captive way is only hiding, controlling better the sickness; almost none is seeking the Cure.

The lack of Light in those who send only a few messages is the same.

Your "nice" boyfriend or girlfriend is not really nice.