segunda-feira, 27 de maio de 2024


"This people draweth nigh unto me with their mouth, and honoureth me with their lips; but their heart is far from me."

About who is the Music the SUN teaches? Tell him that you have Eyes on your back, Lilo; you're now a mutant. You must know that's a call to go back and retrieve the dumb phone, to end up with no Brain, no Thing to talk about and a lot of "fear"; whenever I smell it in the air, I sense the wicked "lion" around and his will to bring my soul back into the vain womb of hell where I once was, where they can't feel anything. And you must also know it's not really cute to be called a baby by whoever has not decided to change and grow up. So, yes, I believe you can watch your back when no friend is there to watch yours. But, obviously, those messages are never really about believing you can make it "alone". On the contrary, they're about getting back "together" and believing you can make it alone, the illusion shared by all who have never felt the Beat. The dictator is behind the apparently caring words, and he is underestimating you, baby, seeing that you still can't speak many bright words. Tell them you've been bitten by the Cobra and are too far gone, so they cannot "save" you from drowning in the Pool.

You're lucky, you have only one potential stalker "dreaming" about your imagined "self" and really few perverts about your skin. It could be a lot worse if you were the kind who tries to raise "esteem" by eating fallen stardust to grow a super "self", using natural intelligence to create a great babble. They know what I told her, don't they? About fools who "think" they can think anything without believing and following the rules? That's pure delusion of proud minds who "dare" to doubt Christ; there's no Truth in the system, no Where safe you can hide in it. It's another "dream" that it would be nice if there were a God who could watch over you when day to day you're showing the whole world that under the Rainbow is where you belong and want to stay, when you have no reason to run away. Smith is their good friend until they start having visions about the purpose of "life", about his secret plan behind the "independence" days. At any deliverance service that shocks his servants, making them uncomfortable and unable to keep hiding in the fool, they reveal it "all" and the suspicions are confirmed.

I only draw what I see in my Heart, Where I am.

Do you wanna go to El Rey with me?